Friday, 28 June 2013

(C) Lethal Hearts It Is

(C) Lethal Hearts It Is  

I have now passed the point of now return,
So what have I learned that is of any use?

There is nothing in this world that’s of concern,
How to tilt at windmills; another level of abuse?
Another day demands another dollar,
The clichés state all’s fair in love and war.

Ask your former lovers; grab them by the collar,
Lowered standards is all they have in store.
Love your neighbour but please don’t get caught,

To each their own is a monotone some say.
However, juggling multiple partners is fraught,
Every new liaison is dangerous in every way.
Rolling with the paunches can be mortal,
Every careless whisper is torture for someone else.

In any event as we gaze in the garden portal,
Sciamachy in all anxiety, just quietly...melts.

Sciamachy - battle with shadows or imaginary enemies.

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