Thursday, 23 May 2013

© Bend in the River

          © Bend in the River

               (A Bent Sort of Hymn)

Brethren Divine there’s a Bend in the River,
Revert In Behind and thou shalt be saved.
Taste of the sacred wine ~ Dei Herb Vintner,
Never Thine Bird shall be kept in a cave.

That’s where we should meet ~ Bend Thine River,
Dive In Brethren the waters shall cleanse thee.
Never Bind Their clothes – they shall not shiver,
Words In Thee Verb Rind like the bark of a tree.

It’s time to forgive and Rebind The Riven,
Let’s meet for a drink at The River Bed Inn.
Wine, whiskey, song and Thin Beer, Driven
           Divine Brethren to where the River Be Thinned.

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