Thursday, 23 May 2013

© Change, Ego, Fate, Hell?

© Change, Ego, Fate, Hell?

(The Challenge of Age)

T he Challenge of Age... is to understand modern television commercials – what is the product?
H ence, all pretence of gravitas has been abandoned as everyone scrambles to board the gravy train.
E ven politicians have embraced ‘social media’ as an expedient way of dispensing proper conduct,
C onsider that the demarcation line is sorely in decline; petitions rupture all partitions – so much to gain?

H ealthy debate is now subordinate to personal abuse and the demand for product brand consumes all,
A pplications are now called apps; perhaps I’m taking it all too personally, this denuding of the lingo,
L engthy words are now unfashionable...whoops what I meant was passé – pardon the French; I call...
L ong suffering checkout chicks to task because a tangelo does not turn up in their computer jingo.
E xcept, don’t call them ‘chicks’; it sticks in the gullet – sorry...oesophagus. Got any asparagus fresh?
N ow I’ve received another survey, it seems proof reading is a lost art – significantly is spelt ‘signi cantly’.
G o to the bar if you want water and push the knob on the dispenser; but it won’t dispense or synchromesh!  
E very day is a bonus, so I’m told, but don’t take that tone with us elders as we groan exponentially.

O h my hat, would you look at that! Another ‘begging’ letter has arrived via email – send your details at once.
F or goodness sake keep it quiet – it could cause a riot, just give us your credit card number and password,
T he ego fell, a change is in the air; society constantly evolving, some things are still revolting – here’s the crunch.
H owever longer this aging population lasts, some things are now past: technology is relentless, can’t be mastered.

E ven the air machine that supports me and inflates and more often...deflates me is an aberration, an intrusion...
A nd in conclusion; any junk-mail that exhorts me to have a ‘happy EOFYS’ will find itself recycled, no mercy.
G o to your window and assert, I’m as daft as a draughthorse and I won’t take anymore; life’s an illusion.
E ven to get to this stage or the bottom of this page is the challenge of the age; here I bow or curtsy.

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