Thursday, 23 May 2013

(C) The Game

Now look, I don’t want to monopolise your time,
And it’s true that my words are often in a scrabble.
Ok...I got a bit tiddly; winking at all the girls,
Sometimes, I haven’t got a clue; do not believe all the babble –
I come out with, and really there’s no need to check, mate.
This is not just a trivial pursuit; I’m deadly serious about junk too,
I’m prone to the domino effect, a house of cards and fate...
Decrees I slip down ladders and climb up snakes, try kung fu
That I learnt from the Chinese; chequered career though it may be,
Perhaps I don’t need to pass – go on, tell me what you reckon.
Don’t be cryptic, a cross word won’t upset this baby,
My ace of spades has been trumped, a new deck on...
The table, but I’m snookered; the balls won’t drop.
I’d jump through hoops my sweet croquet…or is it coquette?
When you get to the bottom or the helter skelter – climb to the top.
Life is a slippery dip ride, a see-saw – what’s the etiquette?
Fifteen love and it’s your serve; I’ll just putt for par,
My last bowl was a toucher, it’s so good to kiss the jack.
Nothing like a bullseye and a fresh drink from the bar,
And I haven’t lost my marbles, they’re rolling ‘round in back.
What’s the game we’re playing – Pokémon or yahtzee?
It’s a bit like playing twister, with your sister, on the carpet.
Spin the bottle or tic tac toe, Truth or Dare? And lastly...
Backgammon or Baccarat, I’ll try to bridge – or I’ll forfeit.

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