Monday, 15 April 2013

As the Wheels Turned...

(c) As the Wheels Turned...

The wheels turn within, the wheels are in motion.
The world’s in a spin, the whirl of the ocean.
Whenever you roam, what ever your notion;
Withstand the werewolves, within you, there’s emotion.
Life is a Ferris wheel, a Carousel, a merry-go-round,
Life is an orange peel, a bagatelle; hear the garish sound…

Of the universe spinning, the galaxies expanding;
The Earth is in orbit around old Sol dancing.
Wherever your home, however whimsical or enchanting;
Whatever the demons or deep ones are recanting;
Life is a festival, a carnival, a roundabout,
Life is a feast for all, a cannibal, a roustabout. .

Water direction runs clockwise down the drain.
The whirling of the dervishes is ecstasy beyond profane.
Come infidel, fire-worshipper, come pagan or Jain,  
The fundamental condition of our existence is the same.
Life is about pivoting, pirouetting like a ballerina,
Life can be riveting, as diverting as a Cavatina.   

The moon spins around the planet, tides rise and fall.
The loon flies around often frantic, ostracised by all.
As the wheels turned and faces stern react in the mall,
The truth is that we’re all mad, Sir Galahad: your call!
Life cycles are concentric, eccentric and multiplying,
Life styles are eclectic, egocentric and stupefying.

Crop circles appear in the fields, in the dead of night.
Tornados in the tomatoes, cyclones in the corn so bright.
Curved is the rainbow to the shape of your eyeballs tight,
Dynamos cause power to flow and blow the dynamite.
Life is still revolving, articulating, an antelope,
Life is cohabitating, collaborating, a kaleidoscope...

Comets are whizzing and dizzying the cosmos vast,
Electrons escaping the nucleus of the atomic blast,
Vultures encircling the carcasses on the savannah grass,
Ominous shadows, the world has a Janus cast.  
Life is transition, beginnings, a play to rehearse,
Life is abstract or concrete, sacred and perverse.    

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