Monday, 29 April 2013

Fandango Elite

(C) Fandango Elite            

         Without a doubt I have an inflated ego;              
People should hang onto my every word.
As well I’ve got an impacted libido;
Pursuit of gratification now seems so absurd.
Idly, sitting in the café, whilst sipping a latte
I see young lovers touch hands, across the table.
Inwardly I smile as sharing gâteau do they.
Their eyes shine and lips sign in secret Babel.

We’re walking by the lake in winter sunshine;
Children play on the swings and chase the ducks.
A young man serenades his paramour: a porcupine?
Oh I see... it’s just her hair sticking out in tufts.
The arm that strums guitar is rife with tattoos.
Similarly, has she, designs on arms and leg.   
My ego wants to scream in outrage: why must you...
Have personal graffiti? Futility: it’s a powder keg!

The ego of Napoleon Bonaparte tore France apart,
Paradoxically this inspired music too.
The 1812 overture by Tchaikovsky, is a benchmark.
Two hundred years have now passed since canons blew.
And we could speak of other dictators but I demur,
Their bloody egos speak so well themselves...
But critics of the arts prevail; their egos unimpaired,  
‘Afraid at times that I am one as well.

Pity those in talent shows, spiky hair, sparkly clothes and stuff.
Exposure for five minutes then back to anonymity.
There is savaging of real talent and flattery of the duff;
Whatever happened to ‘pay your dues’? It’s odd to me!
It’s hard to tell who has the greater ego:
Would be performer or the critic with dubious credentials?
There is only one thing certain in life amigos,
It’s advertising! Be it talent shows or talcum powder; it’s essential.

Strange contraptions are ‘innovations’ in some magazines,
Combination cigarette lighter and ice-cream scoop.
A polyresin Buddha with solar lights; so serene,
Comfort mats for doggies when they need to poop.
Whirligigs, synthetic wigs and other thingamajigs
Are displayed so brazenly – did we mention plastic bricks?
Solar powered, environmentally friendly...rubbish on tap,
Eco and ego driven opportunity – it’s a cornucopia of crap!

‘Honk if You Love Jesus’ said the sticker on the car.
Surely, they can’t be serious in the current parade?
So like a goose, I let loose a blast heard from afar,
Two fingers emerged from the window with furious tirade.
Entrapment? Who knows or gives a toss,
Atheist or Methodist: the prejudice continues unabated.
People carry their peculiar beliefs like the albatross.
                                        It’s strangely comforting to know egos are still inflated.

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