Thursday, 25 April 2013

Reflections Whilst Waiting for a Haircut…

© Reflections Whilst Waiting for a Haircut…                     

 In the ‘Blue Hour’ café, biding my time until the appointment comes,
Coffee and asparagus tapas; something to eat at last after the brutality of exercise:
At the hospital with the physiotherapist from hell.
An exaggeration? But of course! The blood is coursing through my veins.
Exercising is such a strain; before I just used to sit down until the need for speed had passed.
Instead of gasping for breath in silly track pants and runners...
Lord I must look like a dag!
A young couple sharing an ice-cream sundae, coffee and nervous glances –
How sweet youthful romance is!
Warm Spring sunshine – a double-decker bus passes by;
Another coffee to pass the time – “Thanks”.
Fly do the days, we pray for days like these!
But…no-one ‘prays’ anymore, or do they?
The young couple’s conversation has turned to religion,
Meanwhile a pigeon pecks at crumbs in the gutter.
Do they see the Catholic Church across the street?
Don’t they realise the utter futility of it all?
Perhaps not!
It was rather mystical to look out the study window at our concrete Buddha in the snow,
Partly obscured by the azaleas, whereas...
The soul and spirit probably merit more attention than I’m prepared to think about.
Doubts are all this old, unrepentant agnostic has left.
Oh my! Take another deep sigh and try to keep the cynicism in check.
Heck; I feel like a voyeur... I should be coyer about listening in:
Is it a sin? Ok, I confess...but I digress.
They’ve finished, gotten up from their seat in the window
And go to the counter to pay the bill; does he own it or do they Go Dutch!
Now there’s a much maligned expression!
If I explained the origins there’d be puzzled expressions all ‘round.
As it is the girl gives me a wry smile with eyebrows raised as she passes...
Or is it a frown?
With her sunglasses perched high on her head; I return the smile
In a state of mild bemusement...
Now they’ve left – as is their wont.
They flaunt their youthfulness on the street – damn them!
No...Not really; their wide-eyed innocence is touching.
He gives her a shy peck on the cheek; she is clutching her handbag to her chest.
Now I can’t hear what they’re saying; no praying one presumes.
I can only guess the rest.
I see my reflection in the window – looking a little haggard!
This old blaggard needs a haircut – oh, time to go!

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